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Londonderry Probus Club

2015 April 14 - 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Probus

The Londonderry Probus Club, together with their guests from Limavady and Eglinton Probus Clubs, held a Commemorative
meeting at the Beechill House Hotel to celebrate 50 years since the founding of the first Probus Club. 
Mr Mark Lusby gave a very informative talk on the history of the Beechill House since the time of the Plantation, including its
occupation by the US Naval forces during World War II, until the present time.  
One of the Londonderry Club’s members, Mr Tony Page, baked a very beautifully decorated Anniversary Cake. 

Pictured cutting the cake are, from left to right:-
Albert Smallwoods (Secretary) Londonderry Probus Club, Robert Little (Treasurer) Londonderry Probus Club,
Uel Galbraith (Treasurer) Eglinton Probus Club, Dennis McKinney (President) Londonderry Probus Club,
Will Jones (President) Limavady Probus Club, Trevor Witherspoon (Secretary) Limavady Probus Club

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