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Londonderry (or Derry) is the second largest city in Northern Ireland with a population of approx. 100,000

Irish name: Doire or Doire Colmcille, meaning the oak grove of St Columba. Sometimes referred to as the Maiden City, due to the impregnable walls which held out during the 1688-89 Siege of Derry.  As the last city in the British Isles to be enclosed with defensive walls, Derry to-day is a major centre of tourism attractiing thousands annually to visit the historic walls.

The old walled city of Londonderry lies on the west bank of the River Foyle (Cityside) with the Waterside on the east bank and the river being spanned by two bridges.

The person traditionally seen as the founder of the original Derry is St. Columba 521 - 597 (also known as Colm Cille or St. Columb), a holy man and royal prince from Tír Chonaill, the old name of County Donegal which lies just a few miles from the City in the Irish Republic..

Over the years Derry has produced an impressive array of musical talents, many of whom went on to become international artists, most notably - Josef Locke, Phil Coulter, Dana and recently "The Priests" (Eugene & Martin O'Hagan). As well as these major "stars" Derry has produced numerous local singers and musicians who formed the main-stay of the arts in the City and these include one of our Probus members, Mr William Loughlin (Bass), a recording and broadcasting recitalist.

New Peace Bridge opened June 2011

Craigavon Bridge

St Columb's Cathedral (C of I)

St Eugene's Cathedral (R.C.)

Siege Cannon in Shipquay Place

Peace Statues at Carlisle Circus

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