This all started with Andrew Russell and Robin Gardiner simply passing the time of day talking about the neglected state, Drumahoe, was in compared to other surrounding areas.

Parks - litter - the playgroup, being left homeless - the lack or no facilities for the young or the elderly within our community. They felt someone had to do something, but as usual they hoped it would be someone else.

The common knowledge that Faughan Valley School site was going to be flatten to make way for yet more houses or flats made them realise that they had to get their act together and try and get this stopped.

Surely the majority of residents would like to see a community centre, a playschool and safe enclosed areas for our children to enjoy.

They originally tried to get representation from each area within Drumahoe and felt this worked well. They got together weekly and made out a community survey which many of you thankfully took time to complete. The survey has since been collected and correlated, the results of which you can read on this website and it outlines the lack of facilities they thought existed but also includes many more.

During the last 3 months the Steering Group felt it had to act quickly prior to the setting up of a Community Association, to try and maintain part of, if not all, of the old Faughan Valley site for the residents.

They have lobbied local politicians and the press to act on our behalf and have entered into talks with the WELB and this have also arranged a meeting with the Planning service and the DUP to put what we feel are the thoughts of the Drumahoe residents across.

The results of the community survey and ongoing planning issues need acted upon urgently and it is certain that many more issues will arise.


Following on from the original grouping known as the Drumahoe Steering Group (DSG), the group has now elected a 15 strong committee that has pledged to fight for the improvement of facilities in the district.

Late 2007 the DSG called on Derry City Council to intervene to prevent the proposed sale of Faughan Valley School. The site has lain unused since the amalgamation of Clondermott and Faughan Valley in 2004 and the DSG were anxious to at least partially retain the site for community use as opposed to handing it over to private development. Derry City Council said it would be happy to meet with the residents to discuss their concerns.

DSG conducted a Community Survey throughout the Drumahoe district and found that almost all residents were in agreement with a plan to revamp the area.

On Monday night 4th February 2008 the DSG formally became the DCA and set in motion their plan of action to tackle troublesome tenants, vandalism, maintenance, create a play area, seek more weekend policing to combat anti-social behaviour and seek to address the drugs issue in the area as well.

Leading figure in the original steering group, Andrew Russell, said: "Simply put there are no community facilities in Drumahoe. If you look across the waterside, at Irish Street, Nelson Drive, Tullyally, Newbuildings, every area has a community centre".
Mr Russell also pointed out that the lack of a focused centre in Drumahoe has a particularly isolating effect on the elderly.
"The school closing had a devastating effect on the area. Older people for example have to travel in from Drumahoe to the other areas to participate in activities and it is not always possible. Some of the elderly therefore don't communicate with anyone from one day to the next," he said.

The formal constituting of the new Community Association now means that residents have a much stronger voice in tackling issues in the area.

Andrew Russell also stated that the group will begin to tackle minor issues such as the provision of bins and bus shelters for the district.

But, the primary focus will remain the retention of the Faughan Valley School, in some form, for a dedicated community centre.

Association Constitution  (Adobe PDF File)

The Committee

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