21 March 2008

  • CLEAN-UP OF THE BANKS OF THE FAUGHAN - The Association are very much aware of the vast amount of litter strewn around the river bank and especially around the Drumahoe Bridge and after representations to the Derry City Council they have now arranged for wire litter baskets to be strategically placed to avoid this problem in the future.  However, there needs to be a concerted effort to improve the river and bridge environment and to that end it has been arranged that a major clean-up will take place on Saturday 29th March starting at 10:00am.  The Council will be on hand to provide the necessary equipment and the Association hopes that as many residents as possible will give a couple of hours of their time to achieve this first step in making our Village a place to be proud of.

  • DOG FOULING - Although doggie bins are provided for the disposal of dog litter it is regretted that the majority of dog owners are very irresponsible and permit their animals to foul pavements, gardens and open space grassed areas. The Association are appreciative of those owners who carry plastic bags and dispose of their doggie poo in an appropriate fashion.  Any responsible dog owner knows how simple it is to clear up their dog's waste. It takes very little time and there are a number of dog waste disposal bins in Drumahoe. It may only be a minor criminal offence but it is one that upsets local residents, can cause serious health risks, particularly to children and can give all dog owners a bad reputation. Due to the seriousness of this problem in our area, the Association will be approaching the Environmental Heath Authorities to ask that the law be fully enforced in our Village and that a Warden will be made available to take action against those who refuse to cleanup after their dogs.

  • PROVISION OF NEW LITTER BINS - On behalf of residents, the Association is taking pro-active action to alleviate the litter problem in the Village.  New, more substantial litter bins have been installed in key locations and this will be kept under review to ensure that there is an improvement in the cleanliness of the area. Business owners and shopkeepers are encouraged to play their part by providing additional receptacles at their premises and to maintain a clean and welcoming frontage.

  • ONGOING OBJECTIVES - The Association is presently exploring various avenues whereby the Community can be involved in social occasions, educational and recreational activities and these will be announced in due course.