Warblers 1980

Warblers Photo


In 1971 there was a unique organisation formed in Strand church to cater for the growing number of children in the congregation aged between 3½ years and 7 years who were not eligible for the other Youth Organisations in the church.

The Warblers, created by Mrs Ann Pinkerton who at that time was Youth Club Leader and Sunday School teacher, quickly became very popular. The meetings were held in the church hall on Thursdays between 6.15pm and 7.15pm which enabled parents to accompany the young children if necessary.

Mrs Elaine Temple and Miss Judith Thornpson assisted in the activities of the Warblers which included games, free activity, preparing chorus items for Children's Day in church and outings .

At Christmas the Warblers always visited Waterside Hospital to sing carols and also distribute gifts . 

Until 1990 the Warblers had continued with enthusiastic leadership from parents and Youth Club, too many to name, but the changes in congregation membership gradually brought the end of what had been a most successful project.