The Guide Company started last September with only five members, but we are pleased to say we have increased our numbers to fourteen mainly with the help of some Brownies who were ready to "Fly-Up".

Last September a few of us went to Magilligan for a weekend Camp, and we are hoping to go again in May. 

We are at present working, along with the Brownies, for a Parents Night which we hope to hold before Easter. 

We took part in a Patrol Leaders/Guiders, training weekend in the Guide House at Lorne, Craigavad this year, and this was enjoyed by all who attended.

We would be very pleased to see girls, aged 11 or over, and we meet on a Monday night at 6.15.

B. Johnston,            GUIDE LEADER


During the year the Brownie Pack has decreased in numbers, owing to many members moving to the Waterside. In November we lost five of our older Brownies who went up to Guides. They were:

April Atkinson

Wendy Ferguson

Melanie Moore

Beverley Crockett

Janice Mitchell

At Christmas we had an enjoyable party and we had a visit from Santa. 

In February we had a Thinking Day meeting at which our theme was India. Sixer, Dorothy Carland was dressed as an Indian Lady. Brownies, who gained Hostess and House Orderly badges, served parents with supper. The evening was ended by having our photograph taken for the Sentinel.

Any girls between the ages of 6½ and 10 years would be very welcome to join our pack. 

Heather Wylie,   BROWN OWL 


During the past year the Councils activities have been somewhat limited by the situation in the City. Despite this the committee have met regularly and have endeavoured to help the various youth organisations to function as near to normal as possible.

Money raising efforts consisted of a successful Brick Card project for the Guysmere Fund and a competition for the Xmas Hamper. Further ventures planned include a 24 hour Marathon Badminton Match and Cake Fair.

A number of leaders were sponsored to attend various leader training weekend courses. 

An effort is being made to stimulate interest throughout other congregations in the formation of a Presbytery Youth Council. 

The Council wish to thank those who have so generously given of their time and money to help them in the organisation of the youth work in our congregation.

CHAIRMAN:   T. G. Emerson 
SECRETARY:     J. Johnston


We had another successful year, during which Ballyarnett and First Derry joined with us on the second Sunday afternoon of each month, from October to March.

Mr. Morrison gave a very enjoyable fi'lm show about Canada, and Mr. Lapsley a film show on South Africa. Towards the end of the year Padre Wright gave an illustrated talk about his experiences in Hong Kong.

In December, we had a very successful Coffee Morning and more recently a Jumble Auction. Both fund raising efforts were well supported and a financial success.

We would welcome new members and assure them of an enjoyable afternoon at our meetings. 

Florence E. Burnside, SECRETARY


The Bowling Club has been carrying on successfully and the members are having much enjoyment from the Club games as well as the Friendly Matches arranged regularly with other Bowling Clubs in the City.

Attendances have been good and it is wonderful to know that the Club is carrying on in spite of the unrest in the City.


The club has been surprisingly well attended over the past year, due to the fact that, despite the difficult times, there has been a nucleus of players who have regularly turned up for practice.

A few friendly matches have been played this year after it was decided that it was impossible to enter a regular team. 

New members will be very welcome next season. 

J, Johnston, SECRETARY


In September, after five years of dedicated service to Strand Children's Church, Mrs. Marcus Crockett left the City to reside in Castlerock. It was she who had the responsibility of reorganising the Children's Church under a rota system of pairs of helpers who change each month. Our thanks are due to her for leaving such a capable group of leaders and such a smooth running junior Branch of our worship in Strand.

Children usually leave Children's Church in the January following their ninth birthdays and this year eleven of our members had attained this age:- Kathryn Bolton, Wendy Canning, Robin Canning, Alma Cresswell, Jennifer Groves, Moore Hamilton, Sandra Mitchell, Keith McGuire, Susan McCaul, Janine Smith and Judith Thompson.

On their last Sunday with us we sang their favourite hymns and they presented a play reading "Moses receives the Commandments" based on our month's programme. We know that the early training received in our simple form of worship helps children to participate fully in the complete service when they take this step and to value group prayer and praise. We hope they have now become accustomed to remaining in Church and are enjoying being a real part of the Congregation.

June McGuire