The Strand Badminton Club was formed in The Church House at Great James Street, the only available premises, where the founder members played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The badminton court, although adequate, left a lot to be desired, yet many enjoyable tournaments were played. When the New Hall was built in Strand in 1961, the club began a very successful period.

The excellent facilities provided in this modern hall in the centre of town, contributed to increasing membership and a high standard of play.

There were strong "A" and "B" teams which were successful in club tournaments, but also worthy of entering, and winning local tournaments.

With unrest in the city from the late Sixties, the Club's activities were varied in days of play, membership etc, but all who were members at any stage, still were enthusiastic, and considered the facilities in Strand inviting.

In the Eighties the Youth Club included Badminton in their programme. As a result the annual Badminton 24-hour Marathon was started as a charity fund-raising event.